4 Ways to Think About When Mesothelioma Survival Rates Scare You


Mesothelioma is an uncommon type of cancer that affects the lining surrounding the lungs, or that affects the cells surrounding the abdominal area.

This disease is mainly caused by exposure to asbestos. But, according to the American Cancer Society, erionite, a vitamin found in the soil in certain countries including Turkey, may increase the risk of getting this disease.

According to medical experts, mesothelioma survival rates are extremely low and this is because the disease is generally diagnosed when it has spread and caused significant damage within the body.

A understanding of these statistics can lead to panic in the hearts of some mesothelioma patients, among whom’s Adwoa Foriwaah, a 24-year-old girl.

“My heart misses a beat anytime I see, or hear, about those rates. I have not given up on that dream. What can I do to think positively so that I can continue to maintain my hope?” asks Adwoa.

If you are also influenced negatively by these levels, then here are a few things you can do to help you think positively.

1. Chew Gum Often

A study published in the journal Physiology and Behavior has revealed that chewing gum frequently can help boost one’s disposition and induce a sense of contentment. When you chew gum and you’re in an upbeat mood, you will find it easier to think positively. Positive thoughts will cause you to feel more brave and the frightful statistics won’t frighten you anymore.

2. Believe Something Positive Immediately A Negative Thought Comes Into Your Mind

Immediately disturbing thoughts about mesothelioma survival levels pop into your mind, think about something that will make you feel happy. This will prevent the negative thought from settling on your head and developing to disturb you.

So, for example, when a thought such as,”I may become one of the people who live for only a few years,” comes in your mind, immediately think something such as,”I am a conqueror! Jesus bought me with His precious blood! Feeding your mind with something positive this way can help you to remain encouraged all the time.

3. Practice Positive Self- Talk

If one can say words of encouragement to himself often, he’s more inclined to think positively. Thinking positively will make it easier for you to believe that you can endure for several years from the grace of God, instead of believing that you might experience the fate of people who shed the battle with mesothelioma premature.

So, frequently throughout every day, say words like this to yourself,”Some people have lived with mesothelioma for years and they are still alive. Once they are surviving, I will also survive! I will enjoy today and I will continue to enjoy days such as this one! I will enjoy the time I spend with my spouse today! Things will work out fine! I will ride through the storm.”

4. Pray Daily

Prayer will fill you with trust and you’ll feel that things can just get better and worse. Consequently, you won’t feel scared once you hear those rates on your television set or when others remind one of them.

Furthermore, praying will give you an chance to consider deeply and consider the broad picture and that can help break the restricted thinking patterns that you might be experiencing.

Additionally, as you learn to focus and concentrate during prayer time, you will find out how to discipline your thoughts better. Consequently, you will find it a lot easier to handle your thoughts and think soul-uplifting ideas rather than focusing on negative ideas that lead to depression.

So, every day, say a prayer like this one,”Dear LORD, I thank You from the bottom of my heart that You have blessed me with life to enjoy the wonders of the Earth, and also to enjoy the love of friends and family. LORD, I experience fear in my heart whenever those statistics come into my mind. Please help me to remember, every day, that Your power is great and You are with me during this trying period. Please boost my faith in You and grant me the grace I need to live in peace one day at a time. Amen.”

In Concluding

If mesothelioma survival levels cause chaos on your heart, then munch on gum throughout each day, replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts instantly a bad thought pops into your mind, and ask for Divine help daily and you will feel good

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